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Gnosis Virtual CIO advisory service provides organisations with access to a trusted advisor that can supply you with quality advice and IT planning that is critical for today’s competitive landscape.

By moving the responsibility for these important functions to Gnosis, we provide you access to a dedicated and experienced CIO that understands your business and can provide the critical strategy, planning and mentoring functions of a full time CIO through a subscription service.


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Cloud services are providing medium sized organisations access to the benefits of large enterprise scale infrastructure, enabling IT capabilities that these organisations could only previously dream of. With those capabilities comes the important responsibility of strategy and planning. Unfortunately, those same medium sized organisations struggle to afford the cost of a full time CIO, and if they are lucky enough to find one, they don’t have the ability to provide enough “interest” to retain them.

This provides your organisation with the opportunity of using one of our experts. Contact us today.

Qualified Industry professional
Define the strategy
Subscription Service
Establish IT controls and procedures
Work with your local team

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