What Google’s Secure AI means for organizations’ cybersecurity efforts

Last month, Google announced the AI Cyber Defense Initiative, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance cybersecurity.  

As part of the new initiative, Google is rolling out new commitments to investing in AI-ready infrastructure, developing new tools, new research and new training for cybersecurity teams.

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) team has been monitoring the announcement, along with emerging organizational opportunities and risks posed by AI, with 40% of people believing it has great potential in cybersecurity.  

As automation and machine learning algorithms become integral parts of cybersecurity, the risk of algorithmic bias or adversarial AI, whereby miniscule gaps are identified and attacked in a dataset to take down systems, increases.

Jon Arora, Principal Cyber Security Consultant at Gnosis, comments, “As businesses increasingly rely on AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) for competitive advantage, facilitating trusted AI options and stringent acceptable use policies becomes paramount. This underscores the necessity of user training and ownership of data responsibility to counteract potential security vulnerabilities.”

AI governance is pivotal in ensuring the ethical and secure utilization of artificial intelligence within organizations, including LLMs. Tools like Google’s upcoming Secure AI are instrumental in mitigating risks associated with data governance, a critical aspect when using AI for business intelligence initiatives.

Advancements in data encryption and rights management are also essential to safeguard sensitive information. The evolving landscape of AI necessitates a zero-trust approach and robust strategies to control access to third-party AIs, underscoring an ongoing effort to manage emerging risks effectively.

Cyber incidents can cause significant losses for organizations, as was demonstrated by the cyber attack Bermuda experienced in September 2023. With AI’s ability to predict future threats, it now offers an opportunity to apply preventative, rather than reactive defense measures.

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