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Whether your business is big or small, what is the value of losing your information? Gnosis has a solution for all business size that is cost effective and more critically, we ensure it works when it needs to.




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There is a common misconception that Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Backup are the same. This is dangerous to your business.

Business continuity is more proactive and generally refers to the processes and procedures an organization must implement to ensure that mission-critical functions can continue during and after a disaster. BC involves more comprehensive planning geared toward long-term challenges to an organization’s success.

Disaster recovery is more reactive and comprises specific steps an organization must take to resume operations following an incident. Disaster recovery actions take place after the incident, and response times can range from seconds to days.

BC typically focuses on the organization as a whole, whereas DR zeroes in on the technology infrastructure. Disaster recovery is a piece of business continuity planning and concentrates on accessing data easily following a disaster. BC includes this element but also takes into account risk management and other planning an organization needs to stay afloat during an event. Backup is making copies of data or files in the event that they are lost or destroyed.

Business Continuity is the first defence against a disaster threatening the proper function of your business. However, Disaster Recovery is a must for any organization who cannot function without its vital business data. Although Disaster Recovery is just a smaller part of the larger Business Continuity umbrella, enterprise organizations would be wise to employ both strategies for full protection. Disaster Recovery techniques are more preventative in nature than continuity tools, which are typically used to maintain smooth business operations.

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