Virtual CISO

Data threats change regularly and organisations are not usually equipped to combat these risks.

Most businesses struggle with the costs and approvals obtaining a full time CISO, therefore, Gnosis has created a Virtual CISO role that will allow your organisation to leverage the expertise of one.

Our CISO will navigate you through the changing IT landscape to ensure your security posture is where it should be.

This offering interfaces well with our Cyber Security one.

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Gnosis’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) service provides organisations with access to a trusted advisor that can supply you with quality advice and security guidance for today’s competitive landscape.

This PAYG vCISO program allows organisations the ability to leverage these executive leadership skills. Our CISO stays current with security threats and will provide the necessary guidance.

Qualified Industry professional
Activation, Maintenance and Oversight of the Security Policies
Auditory and Compliance Liason
Establish IT controls and procedures
Cyber Security Interface

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